Sermon Topic: The Church

Praying for Apostolic Grace

| July 12, 2020

Mike Barr is our preacher and grace is our topic. Apostolic grace is an empowerment given to Christ’s church. Paul tells us in Ephesians 3 what apostolic grace is and its purpose for the church. Come join us as we discover why that same grace is just as essential today as it was 2000 years ago.3

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Let The Church Be The Church

| June 14, 2020

So much of the national conversation has placed the Church and its pastors at the center of both the pandemic and our national unrest. In a world that is looking to the Church to lead it through this wilderness, what is our part? How do we respond so that our presence is prophetic, peace-bringing and Kingdom-centered? This Sunday as we gather together after three months apart, we'll take time to remember what it means to be the Church - both to each other and to a watching world.

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