Sermons by: Carolyn Moore

Interior Examination

| May 15, 2022

This month, we're working our way through some classic themes in spiritual formation and finding that holy rhythm that moves us from the journey inward to the journey outward. This week, we'll talk about the kind of inner seeking that almost feels like rebellion. And in a way, it is. It is a willingness to rebel against the cultural expectation that we keep our feelings to ourselves and present a shellacked image to the world. There is not much that's biblical about this. David railed against God. Jesus tossed tables. Job shook his fist at the Father. And those very stories teach us that these are the real and powerful responses that open us up most fully to the Father's heart. This Sunday, we'll talk about what happens when we let our "real" out and give God room to move.

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Racial Reconciliation

| May 8, 2022

How does social activism relate to a deeply formed faith? And how do we as spiritually formed people engage in the world without letting ourselves become entrenched in culture wars? This week, we'll talk about a familiar topic, using the lens of spiritual formation to shape our response to a broken world. We will learn from the Apostle Paul how to root our opinions scripturally, trusting that the Kingdom of God is our country, King Jesus is our leader, and his gospel is our worldview. I look forward to being with you this Sunday in worship.

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Deep Prayer

| May 1, 2022

Many years ago, when I was first contemplating the idea of planting a church, I came across a book, entitled, “Journey Inward, Journey Outward.” Just the title was enough to spark a revelation in me. It was the first time I’d put words to what I sensed the Church was to be about. It is to cultivate in every person a rhythm of contemplation and action, prayer and service. That rhythm is critical to a healthy and deepening spiritual life because it is only as we connect with God that we can genuinely and lovingly connect with the world around us. That rhythm is at the heart of the series we begin this Sunday. "The Deeply Formed Life" is an opportunity to explore that rhythm of prayer and service, using some very specific topics to guide the conversation. Along the way, we’ll discuss racial reconciliation, missional presence, sexual wholeness, and interior examination. I believe this conversation will call us deeper into our practice of the faith as it calls us deeper into our mission as a church. I look forward to diving in. ~ Carolyn

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Is Christ Your Foundation?

| April 17, 2022

This week's message is complete with a testimony from Angela Hyndes. She'll talk about her journey through faith and the path that led her to trust deeply in our risen Lord. Angela's testimony is followed by the final message in our Eyewitness series.

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Be Found

| April 10, 2022

As we walk toward Easter, we are finding faith in the eyewitness accounts of those who were there when Jesus was crucified, buried, and resurrected. This week, we enter the story of the centurion who stood at the foot of the cross as Jesus breathed his last breath. We'll notice who witnessed that moment, and we'll hear a man's stunned confession of faith: "Surely this man ..."

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| April 3, 2022

Here's a tough and stark question: If God exists, why doesn’t he make his presence more easily known? Why doesn’t he give us more tangible, verifiable evidence? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to just "know," rather than requiring us to come by faith? These are hard but good questions to wrestle with, and we do so in good company. People throughout history have come to Christ holding doubt and faith in the same hand. And yet, from the beginning -- ever since God revealed himself to the world -- we have the witness of himself to the world -- we have the witness of those who saw with their eyes and believed in their hearts that the resurrected Christ is Lord and God. As we walk toward Easter and the most dramatic event in history, let's hear their eyewitness accounts, and find fresh faith for a new season.

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Son of Encouragement

| March 20, 2022

Barnabas is an underrated, under-noticed superstar in the story of God. We almost never hear about him, though he played a huge role in the advancement of the gospel. His story teaches us that gifts come in all kinds of forms ... encouragement, mentoring, advocacy, evangelistic zeal ... even patience with impatient people! I look forward to talking with you about Barnabas' story as we continue exploring God's heart for big-hearted people.

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Hearts For Prayer

| March 13, 2022

In the formation of the early church, there came a moment when the leaders realized that by trying to do it all themselves, they might actually end up neglecting the most important stuff. The solution is too simple: call forward those with the right gifts and give them authority to do the things they are good at doing. This is how the Kingdom is advanced. This week, we'll talk more about what the early Church can teach us about advancing the Kingdom without wearing folks out.

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Don’t Hit Back

| March 6, 2022

This week, our message is from Romans 12:17-21, where Paul gives such great wisdom on what it means to live in "sweet communion." Paul teaches us how to "be" with each other, which is a great thing to (re)learn after a long season of disconnection. Ultimately, Paul wants us to remember that the world is not the problem. The world is the prize!Don't

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Loss of Health

| February 27, 2022

This week, we finish a month of talking together about how loss affects us and how this long season of uncertainty has contributed to our sense of loss and longing. We've talked about the loss of life, of meaning, of dreams, and we've used Ecclesiastes to help us explore the hope and purpose that can be found even in the most difficult of circumstances. This week, we conclude our series with a look at how God can redeem even the loss of our health by calling us into new ways to appreciate God's good gift

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