Sermons by: Carolyn Moore

A Night Of Prayer and Repentance

| October 11, 2020

What is the one thing you can do that would make everything else easier or unnecessary? PRAY! This Sunday, we are opening up for an evening of prayer and repentance. Come and soak in prayer, confess all in your life that is ready for healing, and let renewal begin.

As Kevin Watson writes:
"A church that gets on its knees and repents will be raised up. People will find pardon and peace with God.




| October 11, 2020

We are discovering, week by week, as we explore the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament, that they are only minor in size. Their messages are profound and teach us so much about God and his longing for us, his people. This week we will explore the message of Micah and be reminded of what it means to be a gathered people of God.

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| October 4, 2020

Of all the minor prophets, Jonah gets my heart because he is so ... human. His story is also deceptive. The Veggie Tales version makes it seem like a fun story with a good moral lesson. But it is so much more than that (spoiler alert: its not about the fish). his is as fine a prophetic vision as you'll read anywhere, and if you have ears to hear, it will strike a deeply personal note.

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| September 20, 2020

This has been a season for talking about justice. What does justice look like in the real world, and how do we use it to send the message of Jesus out to people who need that message? Amos is the prophet who championed justice, especially for the poor and those who live in the margins. This Sunday, we'll explore his message, and remember what it means to be the Church.



| September 13, 2020

This Sunday, we listen in on Joel's prophecy and hear through him a call to repentance along with the promise of blessing and hope. The message of Joel is about what happens to a rebellious community (spoiler alert: locusts are involved), and how restoration is tied to repentance. It is also about how hope and blessing can be embedded in hard circumstances.

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| September 6, 2020

Starting this week, we’re spending the fall exploring those little books at the end of the Old Testament called the Minor Prophets. These little books don’t usually get much of our attention, though we’ll discover that first-century preachers (including Jesus) quoted from them a lot. They are short ... but powerful. This message is on the longing in God's heart for his people and told through the life of Hosea.


Catch Your Stride

| August 30, 2020

This Sunday, we wrap it up with a challenge to grab hold of practices that will take you deeper into the heart and purposes of God. Then, we begin in September with a series called "Longing" that listens in on the heart of God through the OT prophetic books. Can't wait to be with you Sunday ... or whenever your rhythm has you in worship!

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Restore Your Routine

| August 23, 2020

Lately, we've been talking about gifts we can give ourselves in a tiring and heavy season. One gift we can give ourselves is the gift of community. Another gift we can give ourselves is the restoration of routine.  This Sunday, we're going to talk about the habits we can develop that will create some "overflow" in our live

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| August 9, 2020

Last Sunday, we talked about rebuilding trust, the "power leg" that pushes us out of the starting block. This week, we will talk about PPE (personal prayer engagement!), which gives us focus and direction as we prepare to launch out into the race. We'll cover several creative ways of praying, including intercession, centering prayer, and love-exchange prayers.

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Rebuild Trust

| August 2, 2020

The series theme can be summed up in 1 Corinthians 9:24-26, with a special emphasis on v. 26: "I run with purpose in every step." We'll borrow from the starting habits of great runners, and Sunday's message theme will introduce us to the first step: Rebuild trust. Trust is that power leg that pushes the runner out of the blocks. If your trust in God, humanity, or both has waned this year, then let's talk about how that trust can be restored and how a commitment to a trust-rich life can make us more graciously available at the heart level to God and each other. .