Sermons by: Carolyn Moore

Repent and be Baptized

| January 10, 2021

This month, we're letting the life of John the Baptist inspire us as we consider Mosaic's word for the year: Prepare. This week, we watch as John baptizes Jesus -- a scene so full of lessons and revelations that it invites us to rethink ... everything.

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Be Grateful

| December 20, 2020

Friends, we're almost there. This is our last Sunday before Christmas, and then many of us will get some down time before 2021 hits. We are all in need of some breathing room. What a year. And yet, this week's message encourages us away from simply surviving and gives us permission to embrace the mystery.


Be Realistic

| December 6, 2020

The gospel is full of paradox. Jesus is always saying things like, "The last will be first," and, "If you want to live, you must be willing to die." It seems that in the process of following Jesus, things are not always what they seem. Sunday's message gives us one more example of Kingdom paradox: If you want a miracle, be realistic

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Be Present

| November 29, 2020

This Sunday, we begin a new series. We'll let the Christmas story as told in the book of Luke inform our choice to be present, be realistic, be gentle and be grateful. Along the way, we'll get involved in some opportunities to serve our community. We'll also endulge in an Advent devotional reading plan to help bring our community together.

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Joy In The Spirit

| November 22, 2020

We’ve been spending November talking about how to find joy in a pandemic-y world. What we’re finding is that joy IS possible, even when the world is conspiring against us, because biblical joy is not rooted in our circumstances but in the love of God. This week, we’ll explore the roots of joy and joylessness, as we celebrate the author of all joy.

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Joy In The Wilderness

| November 15, 2020

This week, we will continue our exploration of biblical joy with stories from both Exodus and Philippians. In these we'll be inspired to find joy even in the wilderness. We can’t wait to worship with you on Sunday, as we continue with our series on finding Everyday Joy.


Everyday Joy

| November 8, 2020

Biblical joy is not rooted in our circumstances. It is rooted in Christ's presence. Jesus himself told us that he came that his joy might be in us, so that our joy would be full (John 15:11). This ought to come as good news! No matter what 2020 throws at us, we can still have joy in our lives. For the next three Sundays, we'll talk about how to access biblical joy in our everyday lives.


(Not Your) Ordinary Christmas Teaser

| November 1, 2020

God's ability to orchestrate circumstances and accomplish his purposes is amazing, isn't it? Well, this Sunday's message represents one of those moments of amazement. Ten months ago, we planned this week's message with a stressful season in mind. At the time, we thought the season would simply be the upcoming holidays and all the extra that requires. Little did we know that the season we'd be in on November 1 would be THIS season. My goodness! Friends, let's talk about a better way to enter the holidays, so we can say with the saints, "Best of all, God is with us."



| October 25, 2020
Join us as we wrap up our journey through the Minor Prophets with a look at Malachi, whose word for us is a call to hopeful return. It is a word perfectly timed for this season, reminding us of the amazing timelessness and relevance of God's Word.

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A Night Of Prayer and Repentance

| October 11, 2020

What is the one thing you can do that would make everything else easier or unnecessary? PRAY! This Sunday, we are opening up for an evening of prayer and repentance. Come and soak in prayer, confess all in your life that is ready for healing, and let renewal begin.

As Kevin Watson writes:
"A church that gets on its knees and repents will be raised up. People will find pardon and peace with God.