Sermons by: Carolyn Moore

Worship: Gratitude and Confession

| January 22, 2023

In these first weeks of 2023, we are taking time to focus on the art of worship. That means taking a closer look at our usual "routines" on Sunday morning, asking ourselves how they not only feed our souls but feed into the heart of God. This week, we will listen more closely to the practices of confession and gratitude, noticing how those elements prepare our spirits for worship and right-size our egos. How do you walk into worship? What do you bring with you, spiritually speaking? What gets left at the altar? And how does that impact your walk with Christ? Let's explore together the practices that rightly humble our hearts before a magnificent, wise and powerful, beautiful God. ~ Carolyn

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Treasuring His Presence

| January 15, 2023

Worship is the centerpiece of Christian community, yet we often put this part of our lives on auto-pilot. We come to a building every week, do the things prescribed by those leading us, then go home without thinking much at all about the fact that we've just engaged in a transcendent experience. But what is it, exactly, that we do on Sunday mornings, and is that "worship"? What makes it worship? What does it mean to stand in awe as a witness to the work of a magnificent God? This Sunday, we will begin there, with transcendence. We will explore together what God has created us to do, if indeed we are designed to glorify God and enjoy him forever. I can't wait to experiment and experience together the art of worship.  ~ Carolyn

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Pray Missionally

| August 21, 2022

Carolyn Moore and Bob Garrett (Alleluia Community) discuss what it means as a missional community to pray for our city, and how the work of prayer is a transforming agent.

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Gather Missionally

| August 14, 2022

Being missional is about relationships, not "getting stuff done." As with most things (maybe all things) that have to do with Jesus, it is about the heart. So this week, we'll talk more about that. We'll look at an odd little story in the life of Jesus -- along with a strong word from James -- about carrying a missional heart into the world. And we'll discover in this odd story the healing power of friendships forged in the context of missional communities. We'll also hear from three local ministries that focus on the power of real-time conversations. Can't wait to see you in worship.

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Not My Will

| July 31, 2022

This week, we wrap up our series on the Gospel of Mark by looking together at the beginning of the end. How did Jesus enter into his last days? What can we learn from Jesus and his followers about entering into hard things? And how does the death of Jesus give rise to real hope? We'll remember the story together, celebrate communion at the Lord's table (don't forget ... one service at 10:30a), then continue the fellowship around each other's tables at lunch. I look forward to a Sunday of sweet communion with you


Still to Come

| July 24, 2022

This week, Mark takes us into one of Jesus' most challenging teachings. He wants his followers to think soberly about where all this life and world are headed. What can we be sure of, and what do we need to hold with an open hand? In Mark 13, we get glimpses of the seam between the temporal and the eternal and from Jesus himself, we are given amazing images of life beyond life. There is hope that something beautiful is coming, which means this life has meaning. Let's talk about what that means for us as people in step with a glorious God.

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Where Jesus Gets His Authority

| July 17, 2022

We all have questions, right? We want to know things. That's not a new thing! It happened in Jesus' day, too! We'll see as we explore the account given by Mark that Jesus' teachings are peppered with questions and proof-demands from the smartest guys around. Join us as we explore what those questions reveal, and how Jesus chose to respond.

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Kingdom Reality

| June 26, 2022

Jesus was always telling stories, always using everyday illustrations to span the gap between the reality of most humans and the "more real" of the Kingdom of God. This week, we look at Mark's take on those stories in chapter 4, and through them we'll learn what it means to walk in faith ... even in the storms.

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What It Means To Follow Jesus

| June 19, 2022

This summer, we're walking through the book of Mark and this week, we get to meet the Twelve - those faithful followers of Jesus who became apostles and eventually, martyrs. These were rare men of God, whose names are known and respected two thousand years later. We will learn from them what it looks like to take the gospel seriously and to follow wholeheartedly.

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How Not To Take A Day Off

| June 12, 2022

You've had this experience, I'm sure. You are really looking forward to your next day off. You can hardly wait for it. You dream about all the things you plan to do with it. You will sleep late, eat bacon, lay on the beach, take five naps, run through strawberry fields, dine on a rooftop at sunset. You have it all figured out. Then the day arrives, and you blow it by sleeping till noon and spending the day scrolling social media feeds. This week, Mark wants to give us a better vision for a day off, by walking us into Jesus' teaching on Sabbath. I'll be ready to learn with you from the One who gave us the incredible gift of Sabbath. ~ Carolyn

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