Sermons by: Christopher Goss

Jesus’ Presence Overturns the Curse

| March 31, 2024

Resurrection Sunday!

Jesus didn’t die to forgive us of sin alone. He died to set us free from the curse! Mosaic friends and family, you are invited to worship on Resurrection Day! We will have two services to celebrate the life and resurrection of Christ. And we will discover how His presence empower's us to live in peace.

Discerning the Call of the Blessing – Genesis 12

| February 4, 2024

You know that critical moment in a suspense movie when the right person finally shows up? Everything looks like disaster is eminent, but suddenly something happens that brings a future and a hope? This week God shows up with His plan that will redeem all things. It's a plan that begins with the lives of Abraham and Sarah, but quickly comes to us. Like Abraham and Sarah, how do we partner with God to bring His blessing and overturn the curse. Join us as we continue our journey through Genesis this Sunday!

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