Sermons by: Christopher Goss

Think Missionally

| August 7, 2022

This week, we begin a new series that explores the depths of our call to be a mission church. Because the Kingdom of God is missional in nature, so goes God's church. We'll begin our series with Matthew's call to follow Jesus and be his disciple. In that story, we'll discover the nature and character of the Kingdom and those Jesus chose to call his own.

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The Meaning of Marriage

| July 10, 2022

Relationships in a fallen world have never been easy, but it seems like they are more difficult than ever these days. In Scripture, God demonstrates what kingdom-centered relationships look like, and then calls us to imitate Him in covenantal love. Of course, the power for this love only comes from the overflow of the love we have in Christ. Join us as we learn to do relationships from the overflow of God's love and His community.

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Loss Of Dreams

| February 20, 2022

What do we do when faced with difficult the truth that things often don't go the way we hope? How do we pull out of the grief brought on by the loss of our dreams? What are our options? What's more, how do we ensure we are able to stand firm once we do manage to heal from all the disappointments? We'll find answers to those questions and more as we explore Ecclesiastes 3. We'll find a gentle reminder telling us we have been invited into God's dreams. All we need to do is learn to live them faithfully. Christopher is our preacher this week! See you Sunday.

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Loss Of Meaning

| February 13, 2022

Last week we spent time in Ecclesiastes 1. On the surface, the chapter seems a bit harsh. But we learned that in order to find meaning in the midst of difficult times we must look for life beyond our everyday passions and pursuits. Because life is not God. God is Life. This week we'll spent time answering questions like: how can we be sure to live a life with lasting meaning? Is life ultimately meaningless or is there a way of being so rooted in the Kingdom of God that it takes on greater meaning than we can conceive?

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A Giving Gospel

| November 21, 2021

We are God's treasured possessions, a kingdom of priests, and all of Creation belongs to God alone. This week, we'll talk about what it means to live as a generous Kingdom people in light of the truth about who God is and who we are.

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Step One | Contemplation

| August 8, 2021

Welcome to week 2 of "The Card is our Culture." To create a world that looks like Jesus, you have to make disciples of King Jesus. This week we are taking a deep dive into Step One in the work of disciple making -- scripture contemplation. Join us as we look at how to hear the message of scripture more clearly and teach others to do the same.



| May 30, 2021

This week, Christopher is our preacher and Jude is the book. Jude urges us to defend the Gospel and to remember the words of the apostles. He also sends us a sober warning about the consequence of forgetting who we are in Christ and trading truth for a lie. Join us Sunday and be inspired!

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The Threat

| February 7, 2021

We are living in a time where normal life can seem threatened. We are constantly trying to steer clear of a pandemic as we're constantly bombarded by news of political and social unrest. As we begin our series through the Book of Exodus, we will see how two people risked their lives to be a part of God's saving plan.

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