Epic is …

Good Stuff for Students.


We are committed to helping students love God, learn His story, and live their story so they can welcome and advance the Kingdom of God on earth.


Students, 6th – 12th grade.


Epic is a small group ministry for students with one awesome purpose: to build friendships that help us on our journey with God. Our groups are designed to help students grow as disciples of Jesus, as they build inter-generational relationships (students and leaders, students and parents). These groups help us build rich community around life’s greatest purpose of knowing God and making Him known!


Epic small groups meet on Sundays from 4:30-6:00 pm, and on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:30 pm. Meetings offer both in-person and Zoom online meetings. To connect your student through Zoom, contact Christopher Goss. 


This Fall, Epic is taking the “Timeless Path.” The Timeless path is about seeking out and gaining an ancient, robust Christianity that doesn’t simply help you cope with your world; It helps you discover another world.
It is this Timeless Path that leads to peace, hope, and purpose. It is this Timeless Path that leads to both personal and cultural transformation. Want a different world? Join us as we take the Timeless Path!

Fall Retreat: Gap Games

Gap Games is a two day, non-overnight retreat that will happen September 18-19. The retreat will include fun competition between small groups doing some specially designed, covid safe, games. We’ll also have some good food, gospel teachings, and corporate worship. We are rebuilding Epic community! Join us in that great work. For more information, contact Christopher Goss.

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Christopher Goss
Director of Youth and Young Adults Ministries