Sermon Topic: Communion

Don’t Hit Back

| March 6, 2022

This week, our message is from Romans 12:17-21, where Paul gives such great wisdom on what it means to live in "sweet communion." Paul teaches us how to "be" with each other, which is a great thing to (re)learn after a long season of disconnection. Ultimately, Paul wants us to remember that the world is not the problem. The world is the prize!Don't

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Sweet Communion

| December 26, 2021

Join us for a special message designed to help us as a family catch a vision for online worship in 2022. We are excited for the chance to speak directly to our online family! We'll also talk more about our word for the season ahead: sweet communion.

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A Common Table

| November 7, 2021

Folks, I can't wait to be with you around the Table and around our tables this Sunday! We will come together at 10:30a for ONE COMBINED WORSHIP SERVICE this Sunday. We will remember the story of Jesus' last meal on earth, experience holy communion as a family, then spread out around town to enjoy meals and conversations around each others' tables. What a pleasure it will be to be in each others' homes again! What a joy to just enjoy each other! I'm so looking forward to this time together. And if you can't make a meal, come to worship anyway. We want you with us in whatever way you can be with us, as we celebrate this common life!

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Breaking Of The Bread

| October 31, 2021

This week we continue to explore what it means to be the family of God, called around a holy table for a holy purpose. Sunday's message will help us see the powerful, traditional, historic way to build fellowship, family, and community with both physical and spiritual food. Steve Moore is our preacher this Sunday! Make sure you show up and grab a seat up front. You won't want to miss this!

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Gathered People

| October 24, 2021

Join us as we begin a new series of messages. As followers of Jesus we are a family that gathers around a holy table for a holy purpose — to learn how to love God and love each other. Beginning this Sunday, we'll explore what it means to be a gathered people around a common table. We will look in on first-century followers who often scattered but always found their way together again around The Table.

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Prayer in Communion

| October 10, 2021

We finish our series of messages on prayer by listening in on Jesus' prayer in John 17. We'll learn how to pray specifically for those God gives us, but so much more. We'll learn to pray prayers that transcend our own needs. We'll learn how to use prayer to set the table for joy, for the gospel message, for deep fellowship, for lasting communion, for glory.

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