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Worship That Starts at Home

| February 19, 2023

We just expereinced yet another glorious Sunday! Thanks be to God! Prophetic words, missional prayers, time to lift up our friends at Maxwell House ... just so much good! Thank you for being all in on this experiment in deeper worship. Friends, the Lord is doing a new thing. Can you sense it? This Sunday, we close our series on The Art of Worship with a message on how to carry all we've learned into our homes and families. We will take time to pray for families and we'll share in communion. And yes, I anticipate yet another powerful move of God, and look forward to joining you in watching Him work.

P.S. - The Asbury Revival continues! This is day six of continuous prayer and worship on the campus of Asbury University. Several of our staff team are traveling to Wilmore this week to soak in the goodness and power of God. Keep praying that this move of the Spirit will catch fire across the nation! More, Lord!

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Worship that Extends the Heart of God

| February 12, 2023

Can I just say ... last Sunday was beautiful! To hear so many deeply hopeful prophetic words spoken over individuals and our community as a whole ... just wow. We were called into hope, into deeper commitment, into hospitality, into remembrance and celebration. We were challenged not to be afraid that God might show up (what a word!), and encouraged that God is building a people of power. It was a special morning. Thank you for leaning in and trusting God to speak. This Sunday, we reach into the very heart of God as we explore God's love for all people. We will worship and adore him, then cry out on behalf of some of our precious ministries. I anticipate another powerful move of God, and look forward to joining you there.

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Worship That Expects

| February 5, 2023

This week, we continue our series on the Art of Worship with a message on what it means to worship and pray in expectation - in expectation of God's dreams for us individually and corporately to be realized, in expectation of miracles to happen and for breakthrough to be a real thing for real people. And most of all, that the supernatural presence of God meet us where we are and draw us into a new, deeper reality.

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Worship as a Sacrifice

| January 29, 2023

When we worship, are we simply offering a grateful heart to God, or are we stepping intentionally into His heavenly realm? Faith in worship moves us from a church sanctuary into the heavenly realms. Come join us as we learn to take that step in a deeper way.

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Treasuring His Presence

| January 15, 2023

Worship is the centerpiece of Christian community, yet we often put this part of our lives on auto-pilot. We come to a building every week, do the things prescribed by those leading us, then go home without thinking much at all about the fact that we've just engaged in a transcendent experience. But what is it, exactly, that we do on Sunday mornings, and is that "worship"? What makes it worship? What does it mean to stand in awe as a witness to the work of a magnificent God? This Sunday, we will begin there, with transcendence. We will explore together what God has created us to do, if indeed we are designed to glorify God and enjoy him forever. I can't wait to experiment and experience together the art of worship.  ~ Carolyn

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Sweet Communion

| December 26, 2021

Join us for a special message designed to help us as a family catch a vision for online worship in 2022. We are excited for the chance to speak directly to our online family! We'll also talk more about our word for the season ahead: sweet communion.

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The Branch

| June 20, 2021

This week, we dive into Isaiah's messianic prophecies and discover that Jesus is perfectly pictured there -- full of hope, peace, and security. How does this vision of the Messiah call us to live? How does it call us to worship? Are you hungry for more of what God seems so willing to do among us? Then check out this message.

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Worthless Worship

| June 6, 2021

The book of Isaiah is often called "The Fifth Gospel." Long before Jesus walked the earth, Isaiah envisioned His presence among us with deep longing. In the language of prophetic poetry, he paints a vivid picture of the coming Messiah, then teaches us how to worship Him so that He is honored and His Kingdom is advanced. This week, we'll begin our summer journey through Isaiah with a special focus on what he teaches us about worship. It's a great time to reboot, rethink, and be spiritually rejuvenated.