Sermon Topic: Trust

Discerning the Call of the Blessing – Genesis 12

| February 4, 2024

You know that critical moment in a suspense movie when the right person finally shows up? Everything looks like disaster is eminent, but suddenly something happens that brings a future and a hope? This week God shows up with His plan that will redeem all things. It's a plan that begins with the lives of Abraham and Sarah, but quickly comes to us. Like Abraham and Sarah, how do we partner with God to bring His blessing and overturn the curse. Join us as we continue our journey through Genesis this Sunday!

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The Stuff of Miracles

| September 10, 2023

I have a story to tell! It's a story about how Jesus shows up in unexpected ways, at unexpected times, and does unexpected things ... It's a story about how Jesus leveled my expectations of him as I watched him work in my body, and in all the folks around me. He taught me how to ground all I know of healing solidly in truth. My story is one of healing, cellular and soulular, beautifully in process and full of hope. Friends, Jesus still works miracles. Jesus heals, and he is my healer. I can't wait to share with you what's he's been doing in my life lately. I sure hope I see you Sunday! ~ Heather

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Always Trusts

| January 16, 2022

We hope you’ll listen to last week’s message so you can get the visual of the red Solo cup in your head. That cup is a great encouragement. We know while we are making excuses and dragging our feet, God is waving flies away from our “cup” and waiting in love for our response. Ours is an Always God who never disappoints. This week we discover that he is also a God we can trust, who calls us into a trusting community. I can’t wait to talk through this one with you, as we learn together what it means to be an Always Family.

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Rebuild Trust

| August 2, 2020

The series theme can be summed up in 1 Corinthians 9:24-26, with a special emphasis on v. 26: "I run with purpose in every step." We'll borrow from the starting habits of great runners, and Sunday's message theme will introduce us to the first step: Rebuild trust. Trust is that power leg that pushes the runner out of the blocks. If your trust in God, humanity, or both has waned this year, then let's talk about how that trust can be restored and how a commitment to a trust-rich life can make us more graciously available at the heart level to God and each other. .