Sermons by: Heather Hill

Worthy of Worship

| July 18, 2021

This summer we have been following the thread of worship through Isaiah. This week Isaiah introduces us to Jesus through his prophecy of the Cross. Isaiah 53 gives us one of the clearest pictures of the person and work of Christ through the lens of his human suffering. Join us as we explore Isaiah 53. We'll connect with Jesus, discover another dimension of his character, all while we remember together why he is worthy of worship.

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2 Peter

| May 2, 2021

2 Peter is a culmination of all Peter's teachings packed into three short chapters. It's full of passion and conviction and laced all the way through with an upward call ... to grow up, listen up, and stand up. Come! Hear Peter's heart for the church he lived and died for as he shares his greatest hope for all of us.

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Choose Life

| December 27, 2020

On January 3 we begin a new series called "Prepare the Way." But first, we will take a Sunday to spend a little time exploring what it means biblically to choose life. As we look forward to the year ahead there is one choice we can all make that has the power to place us firmly inside God's will. We can choose life.


Hope Starts Here

| July 19, 2020

Paul tells us in Romans 15 that God is the God of Hope. God is both the source and the object of our hope. Our circumstances will never be the secret to a hope-filled, joy-filled life. This week we will explore the difference between worldly hope and Biblical hope, and we'll learn some simple, practical ways that we can cling to hope in these uncertain times.

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God is good.

| December 30, 2018

Due to construction in the worship space, sound is currently in transition. We apologize for any excessive noise during the recording.