Sermons by: Mark Freitag

Digging Wells

| April 7, 2024

In the midst of an awful drought, Isaac dug many wells and found water every time. In modern terms, that’s like doing well financially in the midst of a terrible recession. So, what does Isaac’s faith teach us? How did his faith bless the world around him? How can we live with a similar faith in God?


Missional Presence

| May 29, 2022

This week, we conclude our series based on Rich Villodas' book, The Deeply Formed Life, with a conversation about missional presence. I genuinely hope this series has given you a richer understanding of the connection between the journey inward and the journey outward. We're learning that our personal spirituality directly affects how we engage the world as followers of Christ. Let that fact challenge you toward practices that call out more faith and call you out into the world.~Carolyn

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Majesty In The Manger

| November 28, 2021

This Sunday we begin the advent season with a reminder of how it all began. We'll explore the incantation and the power of Jesus to transform lives and hearts.

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Prayer Is Hard

| September 5, 2021

This Sunday we begin a new series. We'll spend six weeks exploring the call to prayer and what it means for the life of a believer. The first message in the series considers our posture in prayer and how it should be secondary to praying the needs of our heart, and how that idea applies to both personal and corporate prayer. See you Sunday!

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The Glory

| March 28, 2021

This Sunday we finish our series exploring the story of the exodus out of Egypt. We have learned the elements of any good redemption story -- recognizing the threats, hearing the call, following the signs, submitting to the plan, and becoming the tabernacle of God. This week, we encounter the glory of God in the journey of faith.



| September 27, 2020

Are there promises over your life wiating to be fulfilled? Are you wondering where God is in that ocess, or what you can do to more fully participate in seeing him move? This Sunday, we will talk about those promises and about God's longing to see us move into his plan for our lives. Mark Freitag, our preacher for the day, will walk us through the the book of Zechariah on the way to showing us how to uncover the rewards of God’s blessing upon our lives.