Sermon Topic: Mission

The Simplicity of Call

| October 15, 2023

I sensed a stirring in the air last Sunday ... did you? Its as if we were all being drawn into God's heart in a fresh way, both in worship and in mission. What a gift it was to encounter God in that way! This Sunday, we'll be drawn even closer to the mission of God as we talk about that intersection where your passion meets the world's need. We'll watch how it worked for Paul and learn from his example how it can happen for us, too. How has God uniquely gifted you? What's your spark?

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Who Are We?

| June 4, 2023

Yes, Lord! Do it again! This week, let's cast a little vision. As a faith community, what gets us most excited? How has God shaped us uniquely for this time in history? How are we fulfilling the Great Commission, and how are we loving our city well? Focusing on what it means to be the Church as God has crafted it, we'll step back and take some time to remember who we are as we move forward into a new chapter in the life of our "sweet communion." I can't wait to talk vision and pray together with you as we worship the One who makes it all worth it!

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Peter Pereira

| January 8, 2023

This Sunday, we welcome Peter Pereira, our long-time mission partner and friend. Peter and Esther have spent their ministry serving Christ both in the U.S. and southeast Asia, where they care especially for those in poverty through basic needs, education, vocational and leadership training. Their work is deeply rooted in a hunger to see every person come to know life and truth through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Peter has been a particularly strong voice in our ministry, speaking encouragement into our community. This Sunday, he will bring a prophetic word around unleashing, freedom, and how God is using both women and men to spread the good news. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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Missional Presence

| May 29, 2022

This week, we conclude our series based on Rich Villodas' book, The Deeply Formed Life, with a conversation about missional presence. I genuinely hope this series has given you a richer understanding of the connection between the journey inward and the journey outward. We're learning that our personal spirituality directly affects how we engage the world as followers of Christ. Let that fact challenge you toward practices that call out more faith and call you out into the world.~Carolyn

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