Sermon Topic: The Reality Of Jesus

A Jesus or THE Jesus?

| March 19, 2023

get most excited when our times together on Sunday can really focus on Jesus. As we make our way toward Easter, that's our focus. Simply Jesus. The question is: which Jesus? Because what we want and who he is aren't always a match. We want a Messiah who is easily understood, whose “I am” is readily accessible. We are not prepared for a Messiah who is here but not here, or for a king whose Kingdom is intangible but ever-present. We can definitely balk at truth as Jesus defines it. The faith requirement for this kind of Messiah is very high, so we’d better know who it is we want before we go claiming our allegiance to Jesus. Otherwise, like Peter, we’ll find ourselves stepping back and fearful of the commitment.

Who is it you really want to be your savior? Are you sure? That's where we'll be on Sunday as we open the gospel of John (chapter 17) together. I can't wait.

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Be Realistic

| December 6, 2020

The gospel is full of paradox. Jesus is always saying things like, "The last will be first," and, "If you want to live, you must be willing to die." It seems that in the process of following Jesus, things are not always what they seem. Sunday's message gives us one more example of Kingdom paradox: If you want a miracle, be realistic

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