Not of This World

Not of This World

King of My Heart

| April 9, 2023

This week we will hear an inspiring testimony about the way God gently moves us in love toward the direction of His heart, followed by a message to help us remember Jesus is the king of our hearts.


Not of This World

Two Words, Two Signs, Two Men

| April 2, 2023

We are still working our way toward the cross on which Jesus died. That cross -- and the land on which it was staked -- is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world. No other place or thing has carried more weight or impacted more lives. It is worth our time to stand at the foot of that cross and contemplate what was accomplished on our behalf. This week, as we take our place beneath the cross, we will hear two words, witness the response of two men, and see the intermingling of two worlds. As with every scene from John's gospel we've encountered during this journey toward the cross, we must remember that these are not just good life lessons for Christians. This is an historic record, and our part is to trust the history as we allow it to shape our world. Jesus Christ, our Messiah, invites us into a Kingdom that is not of this world ... but oh! so much better!

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Not of This World

Jesus is King

| March 26, 2023

Jesus is King, but what does that mean? I might know that He is King of the universe, but does that translate into Him being the King of my life? Our culture, the systems we live and work in, and even the willfulness of our own souls often seek to challenge Jesus’ place as King. John 19 calls us to stand in front of Jesus and really consider what His Kingship asks of us. Ultimately, it is as we see Jesus as the crucified King that our hearts are made ready to surrender to His love.

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Not of This World

A Jesus or THE Jesus?

| March 19, 2023

get most excited when our times together on Sunday can really focus on Jesus. As we make our way toward Easter, that's our focus. Simply Jesus. The question is: which Jesus? Because what we want and who he is aren't always a match. We want a Messiah who is easily understood, whose “I am” is readily accessible. We are not prepared for a Messiah who is here but not here, or for a king whose Kingdom is intangible but ever-present. We can definitely balk at truth as Jesus defines it. The faith requirement for this kind of Messiah is very high, so we’d better know who it is we want before we go claiming our allegiance to Jesus. Otherwise, like Peter, we’ll find ourselves stepping back and fearful of the commitment.

Who is it you really want to be your savior? Are you sure? That's where we'll be on Sunday as we open the gospel of John (chapter 17) together. I can't wait.

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Not of This World

Eternal Life Begins Now

| March 12, 2023

Beginning this week, we start our journey toward the cross, knowing that we will not only encounter the grace of Christ there but find an invitation into a Kingdom life that is not of this world. I look forward to taking the journey with you, and pray that we will all have eyes to see what God is doing so we can join him.

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