Sermon Topic: Holy Spirit

Joy In The Spirit

| November 22, 2020

We’ve been spending November talking about how to find joy in a pandemic-y world. What we’re finding is that joy IS possible, even when the world is conspiring against us, because biblical joy is not rooted in our circumstances but in the love of God. This week, we’ll explore the roots of joy and joylessness, as we celebrate the author of all joy.

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Pentecost: We’re Not Drunk

| May 31, 2020

A praying friend told me this week, "This is the Pentecost of Pentecosts!" He made that declaration as we talked together about so much spiritual movement that seems to be happening around the world. I mentioned some of what I'm seeing in last week's message. This week, we'll celebrate more Holy Spirit sightings as we talk together about the glorious gift of God's outpouring over the whole earth at Jesus' ascension. Be encouraged, friends! In the midst of hard things, there is a move! "See" you Sunday.

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