The Grand Depositum

Bible Text: | | April 16, 2023

Isn’t the very idea of holiness offensive in a 21st-century, no-holds-barred world? Shouldn’t that term be reserved for angry church ladies who want to suck all the fun out of life? Isn’t it for the few, the angry … them?

For us who live in a post-modern, highly educated world, the very idea of it raises suspicion. But what if we've got it wrong? This spring, we'll spend time talking about the biblical call to holiness and we'll discover that its not what we've been told. As it turns out, holiness is not an engineered life that keeps us from sinning, but the art of living fully. It is the good life! It is the pathway to joy and the ultimate form of freedom that calls out the best in us and causes us – when we live it well – to glorify God.

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