Reclaiming the Blessing

| April 14, 2024

Whether we know it or not, you and I have lost something of immeasurable value. We may not even be aware that we have lost it. But when you and I discover what we have lost and how we lost it, we will want it back. The good news is that we can get it back. This Sunday, we will discover how that can happen.

Digging Wells

| April 7, 2024

In the midst of an awful drought, Isaac dug many wells and found water every time. In modern terms, that’s like doing well financially in the midst of a terrible recession. So, what does Isaac’s faith teach us? How did his faith bless the world around him? How can we live with a similar faith in God?


Jesus’ Presence Overturns the Curse

| March 31, 2024

Resurrection Sunday!

Jesus didn’t die to forgive us of sin alone. He died to set us free from the curse! Mosaic friends and family, you are invited to worship on Resurrection Day! We will have two services to celebrate the life and resurrection of Christ. And we will discover how His presence empower's us to live in peace.

Eternity Justifies the Living – Genesis 23 & 25

| March 24, 2024

When Things Have To Die

On the traditional church calendar, this Sunday is Palm Sunday -- the day we remember Jesus' triumphal ride into Jerusalem before his death. That story, told in all four gospel accounts, is a rich mix of celebration and death. People greeting Jesus as he rides into town are caught up in the thrill of the moment, having no idea that in a matter of days, this same man will be hung on a cross and left to die. They don't know him as a supernatural king, even if he has told them so. It is a scene full of irony.

Meanwhile, back in Genesis, this Sunday we encounter the deaths of Sarah and Abraham. Like Jesus, their deaths are underrated and their legacy stories not yet fully appreciated. And like Jesus, their deaths usher in a new generation of God's people. What Abraham lived into and hoped for by faith, Jesus accomplished by the saving power of God. The faith we have now, we have because of these lives -- both mortal and immortal.

Thanks be to God.

Faith Responds “Here I Am”

| March 17, 2024

Isaac's Test, Too

This week in our journey through Genesis, we find ourselves in the thick of Isaac's story and one of the most famous scenes in the Old Testament. Usually, this story is referred to as Abraham's test of faith, but surely this is Isaac's test, too. What Abraham and Isaac both lay up on the altar is faith. And greater faith is what they take away from what was undoubtedly the most critical moment of their lives. What Abaham and Isaac learned at the altar of God teaches us a lot about what God desires from us all. I can't wait to talk about it with you.

God’s Grace & Mercy Are Bigger Than Our Boxes

| March 10, 2024

This week, we jump into two strange stories, but this is exactly what makes Genesis so good. It's so real. The writer never tries to gloss over the hard moments in our history. There is no attempt to tie everything up into neat little bows. No, actually, in Genesis we get to see God and his people in all their raw and unfiltered glory. This week is no exception. Genesis 19-20 reminds us that God will often deal with people in ways that don't fit our usual categories. He is both holy and patient, fear-deserving and loving, knowable andmysterious. And this same God makes room in his heart for you and in you with all your complexity ...