In the Beginning | Genesis 1

Bible Text: Genesis 1 | | January 7, 2024

Happy New Year! At the beginning of this new season, we at Mosaic are also at the beginning of many new and creative opportunities. As we step into the "new," it seems right to begin where God began: in the Garden. So, this Sunday, we'll start at the beginning, in the first chapters of Genesis and the story of creation. Our Genesis study will continue all the way up to Easter.

The book of Genesis is a book of tensions — original design vs. fallen nature, garden of God vs. exile, covenant vs. rebellion, grace vs. striving, promise vs. human ingenuity. Each of these tensions teaches us something about the nature of God and also about our own design. It will be a joy to explore together in earnest the path from the Garden to the heart of God. So, get ready, friends, and let's get started!

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