Jonah Chapter 4

Bible Text: Jonah 4 | | November 19, 2023

You know, it's one thing to cancel or ghost the people in your life. But its another thing altogether to cancel God. Can you even imagine having the nerve to tell God you think he got it wrong? Well ... of course, you can! We all do it, in big and subtle ways, when we either ignore God's call to action or fuss at him for not doing as we've asked. And we disagree with God all the time when it comes to people we don't much like or agree with. Sometimes God's mercy doesn't line up with our preferences. This is the big lesson of Jonah, and this week we wrap up the story with a conversation about how choosing God's mercy is very much a choice for life over death. I'm excited to be in the room with you and the great "whale tail" one more time!

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