Sermon Topic: Glory

Glory in Grace

| December 19, 2021

This Sunday is going to be beautiful! We'll worship with a simple acoustic band, listen to the song of Zechariah (Luke 2:67-79), then consecrate our new baptistry. At the 11a service, we'll baptize three people and help another to remember and claim her baptism. As they are baptized, we can all remember our salvation and be glad as we make our way toward a meaningful Christmas Eve celebration. I hope to see you Sunday.

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Wonder In The Incarnation

| December 5, 2021

In a season still heavy with questions, it is good to know that the mystery of Christ's coming is not one more uncertainty to brace for, but a beautiful mystery we can embrace and welcome into our lives. Isn't this great news? Christmas is not an old story trying to be resurrected, but an eternal and living mystery designed to feed us with hope, peace, and joy. This week, we'll mine the depths of Christ's coming and let the wonder of the Incarnation restore our spirits.

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