Worship-Based Prayer Gatherings

Ministry: Prayer Ministry 

Opportunity: Worship-based prayer gatherings – hosts, prayer minister, and musicians.

Hosts, prayer ministers and musicians will be trained to lead these gatherings in the following ways:

  • Musicians will work with the worship team and other leaders to lead gatherings and develop in the gift of worship-based intercession.
  • Hosts will greet at the doors and welcome newcomers to these gatherings.
  • Prayer ministers will pray for those seeking healing at these services, and listen for the Spirit’s voice during the service in order to respond and direct corporate prayers.
  • Develop unity, especially around specific needs or visions.
  • Continually promote and advocate for the ministry of corporate prayer and for a heart of prayer in our church.
  • Actively work to develop spiritual gifts like prophecy and intercession.
  • Help our people identify their own gift for prayer.
  • Be integrated into the prayer ministry of the church.

Ministry Leader: Carolyn Moore, Lead Pastor