Ministry: The Ministry of Welcome

Opportunity: Greeter for 9:00 or 11:00

Time: Sunday Mornings 8:45 – 9:15 OR 10:45 – 11:15

Description: Help create a warm and welcoming environment for Mosaic family and friends.

Qualifications: Have a heart for welcome and a spirit of hospitality. It is our greatest desire to help people feel welcomed and at home in our community. You will be the first person a newcomer sees when they come to visit. It is best to have a neat appearance,  a warm smile, and a friendly disposition.

Ministry Leader: Heather Hill, Administrative Pastor

Team Leader: Lead Greeter, Joyce Gonzales

Volunteer  Responsibilities:

  • Attend a Greeter’s meeting to be inspired and trained!
  • Greet one Sunday a month OR be available every Sunday for one month out of the year – whatever works best for you!
  • Arrive to greet 15 minutes before worship starts.
  • Remain at the door until 15 minutes after the service starts.
  • Open the door for folks as they leave the building.
  • Be focused on the important role of greeting our guests. That means it is important to keep conversations short and avoid greeting friends and until after worship..
  • Be  willing to look for people that could take your place and/or join our team.  In other words, always look for someone else to serve with you.

Basic tips for healthy greeting:

  • It is best to keep your greeting simple. “Good morning! Welcome to Mosaic” is all it takes to greet well.
  • We want to avoid blocking the door with conversation. Simply offer your best greeting and guide folks into the worship space where they will be met by a Worship Host who can answer any questions.
  • It is most helpful to position yourself in a way that allows our guests plenty of room to get inside the door without squeezing past you.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this opportunity to help create an atmosphere of welcome at our church.  Your service fills a great need in our community and we are grateful to God for you.