LifeGroup Leader

Ministry: Adult Discipleship

Opportunity: LifeGroup Leader

Time: Mosaic’s LifeGroups operate on a semester system. That means group leaders lead once a week for about 14 weeks, at a day and time of your choosing.

Description: Mosaic believes that discipleship happens best in the context of community.  As small groups are a means of grace, they are the best place for real discipleship to begin. Our LifeGroups are where the “disciple-making community” shows up. Leading a LifeGroup gives you the opportunity to help others develop consistency in their walk with God through scripture reading, confession, and prayer.

Qualifications: A desire to grow your relationship with the and to help others do the same.

Volunteer Responsibilities: LifeGroups leaders are not asked to come prepared with a weekly teaching. Rather, leaders are encouraged to prepare for group by spending time in Scripture and prayer, and then bringing insights from that personal time with God into discussion with group members. In other words, leaders model the life of a disciple and teach others to do the same around the small group table.

Ministry Leader: Christopher Goss, Associate / Teaching Pastor & Director of Worship Arts