The Mosaic Center

Mosaic Church is known in our community as an active, missional, Spirit-led congregation with a heart for those in the margins. Gifted with a strong staff and leadership team, we cast a wider net to become a more integral part of our community. We believe that by designing our building to better reach more people who need to know Jesus loves them, we are honoring the Lord and being good stewards of the resources God has given us.

Our building includes great spaces for worship, children and youth, but our most exciting “real estate” is the space dedicated to the Mosaic Center. Through the Mosaic Center, we are working towards becoming a “clearing house” for social services in our county. Our goal is to help folks face the challenge of finding and obtaining much needed resources in their time crisis.

Our hope for the Mosaic Center is to be a gift to our community as a Christ-centered resource that offers healing and wholeness to hurting people. With the Mosaic Center officially opened since January 2019, we are working steadily towards providing a place where people in our community can come daily for job, literacy and financial training, recovery, life skills and most importantly, spiritual care.

With our newly expanded children’s resource area we are already a hopeful place for families of children with disabilities. Right now, we have activities for families with exceptional children happening five days a week! Our heart is for those who need a community … a family … a supportive partner so they can become everything God has for them.

Is your heart as our heart? If so, give us your hand. Become a partner in this vision. Help us grow the Mosaic Center. Together, we can love our neighbors as Jesus does, as we welcome and advance God’s Kingdom.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Mosaic Center website.