High School Small Group Leader

Ministry: Epic Students

Opportunity: High School Small Group Leader

Time:     Wednesdays from 6:00-7:45pm

Monthly planning meetings.

Epic Events as needed.

Description: H.S. Small Group Leaders serve 9th-12th grade students in Epic on Wednesday evenings. Leadership means guiding three or four students through weekly lessons and bible study, as well as fostering a sense of community and fun within the small group. We also ask our leaders to check in on their students throughout the week to build community and relationships outside of Wednesday meetings. Lessons and material provided by the Student Pastor

Ministry Leader:  Taylor Williams, Student Pastor

Qualifications: Must be 18 or older and complete a background check and Safe-Sanctuaries Training

Position responsibilities:  When you say “YES” to Epic you agree to:

Show up: 

  • be spiritually present to God and the Holy Spirit as they move among us.
  • be physically and mentally present to your leadership team and to the students under your care.
  • be present to your own emotions and the emotions of others, and to use appropriate judgment on when and what to share with students.

Take Ownership of your walk with Christ: 

  • You agree to make a commitment to grow in relationship with Jesus through scripture study, community engagement, and regular church attendance.


  • love the students you lead by praying for them, checking in on them, and caring for their hearts.
  • speak the truth in love to our students and leaders.
  • love your co-leaders by giving grace when needed, and working together to ensure we are helping to build a generation of Kingdom Shakers.


  • follow the guidelines set forth by Mosaic Church and Safe-Sanctuary Policies & Procedure.
  • care deeply for the safety and well being of our students, holding that in the highest regard. If ever there is a question or concern you will contact the Student Pastor or Lead Pastor immediately.

The Team:

  • You are on a leadership team! Nothing works if we are not a team.