Sermons by Book: Luke

Be Grateful

| December 20, 2020

Friends, we're almost there. This is our last Sunday before Christmas, and then many of us will get some down time before 2021 hits. We are all in need of some breathing room. What a year. And yet, this week's message encourages us away from simply surviving and gives us permission to embrace the mystery.


Be Gentle

| December 13, 2020

This week, we journey with Mary and Joseph as they travel first to be counted in a census, and then to bear a child into the world. As we've already discovered in this series of messages, the lessons learned from the story of Christmas don't naturally follow from the details. For Mary and Joseph, this was a hard world. Mary and Joseph teach us what it takes to follow the call of God in a harsh world.


Be Realistic

| December 6, 2020

The gospel is full of paradox. Jesus is always saying things like, "The last will be first," and, "If you want to live, you must be willing to die." It seems that in the process of following Jesus, things are not always what they seem. Sunday's message gives us one more example of Kingdom paradox: If you want a miracle, be realistic

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Be Present

| November 29, 2020

This Sunday, we begin a new series. We'll let the Christmas story as told in the book of Luke inform our choice to be present, be realistic, be gentle and be grateful. Along the way, we'll get involved in some opportunities to serve our community. We'll also endulge in an Advent devotional reading plan to help bring our community together.

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| August 9, 2020

Last Sunday, we talked about rebuilding trust, the "power leg" that pushes us out of the starting block. This week, we will talk about PPE (personal prayer engagement!), which gives us focus and direction as we prepare to launch out into the race. We'll cover several creative ways of praying, including intercession, centering prayer, and love-exchange prayers.

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